Thank you for visiting the Kantar Japan Inc. website.

Kantar Japan is a marketing research company with over 50 years’ history in Japan. The present Kantar Japan is formed after our two predecessor companies, TNS Infoplan and Japan Kantar Research, merged operations in January 2012.

Kantar Group, to which we belong, is a highly unique corporate entity. Headquartered in the UK, Kantar Group is a single group comprised of 12 companies that have different specialties and operate in different regions (countries). Not only does each company individually respond to its clients’ issues, the companies also sometimes work together to tackle these issues as a whole group. This is a particularly strong element for Kantar Japan because we are the only member headquartered in this country. Exercising the combined power of the group is also something our clients expect of us.

"To inspire" is the idea that underpins what we do. We want everyone who works at Kantar Japan to inspire – to motivate and stimulate – our clients, colleagues, and even those close to us such as family members. As a rule, what marketing research companies do is plan and conduct appropriate studies from a neutral perspective; we believe our role is to put a unique slant on this basic mission by adding the element of “inspire” to both surprise and impress our clients.

In 2015, Kantar Japan has renewed its organization setup. Thank you for your continued support and patronage, and please look forward to even more from us in the future.

Hidehiko Otake
Chief Executive Officer
Kantar Japan