Engaging across generations-AdReaction Japan Report


A new generation is approaching adulthood. Gen Z, sometimes called Post-Millennials or Centennials, are the first generation to have grown up with a smartphone in their hand. How radically different are their media attitudes and behaviors from people in the older Gen Y* (Millennial) and Gen X *(Baby Busters) generations? And how much of a challenge does this pose to marketers as they plan media and develop creative?

Concurrent with this generational shift, increased media fragmentation means marketers are scrambling to understand which channels and creative ideas are best used to reach and engage their target audiences. Options seem endless. The rapid rise of online video and mobile ad formats makes it hard to know what type of creative will work, and where best to place it.

Our previous AdReaction Video study (released October 2015) told us that Japanese audiences were still spending more daily minutes watching Live TV than watching video on digital devices, and receptivity to digital ads remained much lower than for live TV ads. It also provided valuable insight into how and why advertisers should adapt their videos for the digital and mobile world.

This new AdReaction study explores advertising receptivity across Gen X, Y and Z to understand when and where each group are most likely to respond positively. It also provides marketers with practical advice about how to overcome ad avoidance, and which creative approaches work best across the three generations.

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