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Research Staff 1【Female,late 20's】

What are your job responsibilities?
I help domestic and international clients resolve their company's marketing issues from a qualitative research perspective to allow them to create better products and services or improve on them. Specifically speaking, my job involves evoking consumers' thoughts via their words, attitudes and behavior, and sometimes even goes as far as evoking their subconscious outlooks. There are various ways to do so other than just indoor interviews, such as by observing them in real life and standing in their shoes by going shopping with them or visiting their houses. Our work requires us to act not only as partners to our clients, but also as spokespeople for consumers.

What do you find rewarding?
I can be involved in the full span of product development, from before a product is created to its introduction onto the market, and even in the improvements made to it after that. It's particularly rewarding when the products/services you have been involved in are introduced to the market and improved, as well as when you can tell your suggestions are being adopted by and are turning out to be useful in your client's marketing.
Also, as the work you do can cover a range of different industries, it satisfies your intellectual curiosity and also widens your range of interests in private life away from work.

What would you like to do in future?
I'd like to serve as a liaison between consumers and our clients. In order to do so, I need to work harder to listen to my clients and think things through together with them. I'd also like to flexibly try new things rather than fixating only on existing methodologies.